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Supporting Refugees

In November 2020 I traveled to the city of Tyre in Lebanon with a global missions team comprised of women to serve in Syrian refugees camps. During our time in the camps, I worked with 15-20 women in three different sessions to paint murals in the effort to help them tell their stories through art. It was an incredible honor and privilege to spend that time with the women, to hear what they had suffered through and what they were hopeful for, and to share an afternoon painting together.

That trip was a pivotal point for my art, as a passion and a business. For the first time I saw how painting could be used for more than just social content or financial gain, or even just my own enjoyment. Since then, my intent for everything I create under Allison Virginia is that it would benefit others and be used in some way to serve those in need. Beginning December 2022, 20% of all proceeds from this site will go directly to Heart For Refugees, an organization based in Maryland dedicated to serving the Afghan refugee community as they re-establish their lives in the U.S. Whenever you purchase a print or a painting, you are impacting the lives of our Afghan friends and helping meet so many needs.


Thank you so much for your support! 


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