Art major turned business school graduate. Ocean enthusiast, breakfast food zealot, Harry Potter fanatic, and travel addict. Firm believer in death before decaf and memories over bank accounts. Saved by grace to point it back to God in anything and everything I do.

My artwork is an externalization of music, people, and places I love. My work often explores various aspects of coastal living which reflects heavily on my upbringing and my travels around the world. With the exception of grade school art classes, I have been self-taught in learning and refining my methodology. My artwork is based primarily with acrylics on canvas, although I work with wood-burning and tagging up jean jackets from time to time. Each travel experience widens my view of the world and provokes me towards a stream of ideas, colors, and images to express onto canvas and translate into next body of work.



"I do not receive glory from people."

John 5:41   

With a mother from England and a father who grew up all around the world, travel was built into who I am from a very young age. I have come to view it no longer as a luxury, but a necessity. Not just for self-care or inspiration for the next piece, but because it is the cornerstone to expanding empathy for a world bigger than the zip codes we live in.

I've been painting for as long as I could hold a brush, it is truly my earliest memory in life. Art has become one of my greatest loves and the best part about it is sharing that with you guys. I am dedicated to curating this passion into a platform not just for myself but to connect with artists across the globe, while striving to give Him the glory for everything you see on here.

So friends, if you see something you like or are interested in a commission or just want to chat more, shoot me an email here or connect with me on the social media links below, and I'll be more than happy to provide you with any information you need. Thanks for checking out the gallery, enjoy! 

- Allison