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Allison Butterfield is a realist painter based out of Annapolis, MD. 

My artwork is an externalization of music, people, and places I love. The subjects I paint often explore various aspects of coastal living which reflects my upbringing and my travels around the world. With the exception of grade school art classes, I have been self-taught in learning and refining my methodology. I primarily work with acrylics on canvas, although I find myself wood-burning, designing graphics and painting murals from time to time. Each travel experience I gain widens my view of the world and inspires a variety of ideas, colors, and images to bring to life on canvas. My aim is to translate the beauty I’ve been fortunate enough to witness from my travels into my artwork, in the hopes of prompting in others a deep respect for nature and an adventurous spirit to experience it for themselves.


Painting has become one of my greatest loves and the best part about it is sharing it with others, for the benefit of others. 20% of all my proceeds are donated to Heart For Refugees, an organization dedicated to serving the Afghan refugee community as they re-establish their lives in the U.S.


To connect with me about my work or potential collaborations, please fill out a contact form here. Thanks for checking out my website, enjoy! 

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